About Us

Dr.Ranjan’s Pharmacology classes are specially designed courses for undergraduates and P.G aspirants to give them an upper edge in the subject. The concepts are the mainstay of the classes along with new drugs approved by FDA, new treatment guidelines and recent changes in drug use.

Conceptual Phramacology Revision (CPR) classes are specially designed to fuel and update the students preparation, regarding which details are given in the CPR section. P.G aspirants have the benefit of conceptual course as well as new upcoming topics and controversial topics in pharmacology. As the pattern of exam is changing and NEET coming in to picture one can bank only on concepts and that is where CPR is a complete solution in pharmacology.

Dr.Ranjan Kumar Patel have pursued his M.D.Pharmacology degree from University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi. Being a topper in AIPG, he still chose pharmacology, due to his immense love for the subject and passion for teaching and writing. He has taught thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate aspirants throughout India. He teaches around 5000 medical students per year in India and is a visiting faculty in various medical colleges of China, Russia, Ukraine, Phillipines and Europe.

He is also author of the  best selling book Pharma Update with MCQs and Conceptual Review of Pharmacology. Writing is his passion and he also writes short stories and novels.

The special pharmacology classes for undergraduates and P.G aspirants conducted by him are to remove the stigma, that pharmacology is a difficult subject that requires cramming and help medical students remove at least one barrier from the nineteen they have to cross.